10+ Suga Moments From BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Concert In Seoul

We’ll never get over #9. Ever.

On March 10 (KST), BTS performed the first of three PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Seoul. As always, the members entertained fans with their incredible talent and hilarious antics. Here are 10+ of Suga‘s best moments from Day 1!


1. When all six of his fanboys hyped him up

2. When he messed with Jimin for the ten-thousandth time

Or did he?

3. When he slayed every single one of these looks

The style team deserves a raise!

4. When he infected us all with his “Dis-ease”

The cure? A daily dose of vitamin AGUST D!

5. When he soared to new heights as the “Black Swan”

6. Just another typical “Yoonmin” moment

7. When he took a page out of Jin’s book…

…and blew ARMY a flying kiss.

8. When he was just too sweet to fans

9. The straw that broke ARMY’s back, sanity, and self-control all at once.

10. When he rapped through this “distraction” without missing a single beat

11. When he sang the words we all needed to hear

12. When he casually turned the stage into his personal runway

13. When he wiggled his way through “Happy Birthday”

Suga’s members sang to him on behalf of themselves and ARMY.

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