5 BTS Jungkook Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 148 That Prove He’s A Total Virgo

He totally fits his sign’s description!

BTS Jungkook is a total Virgo, and the latest episode of Run BTS! proves it!

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Virgos are hard-working, creative, reliable, patient, and kind. Jungkook totally fits the description of his sign!

In the latest episode of Run BTS!, the members took on an interior design challenge. They were divided into 2 teams, and each team had to paint a room and build furniture to decorate the room. Since the interior design challenge required a lot of hard work, it was the perfect opportunity to see Jungkook in all his Virgo glory.

Here are 5 of Jungkook’s most Virgo moments from episode 148 of Run BTS!

1. When he shouted his team’s name without knowing the answers to the staff’s questions

Many Virgos have a competitive streak, and Jungkook is no different! He wanted his team to win the interior design trivia game prepared by the staff, so he quickly shouted his team’s name so the other members could answer the questions and beat the other team. While his strategy didn’t always work, it proved just how determined Jungkook was to win!

2. When he was eager to get to work

Jungkook is the epitome of a hard-working Virgo! As soon as he found out which set his team would be decorating, he  started strategizing with Suga, the team’s captain.

3. When he breezed through making a table

Virgos love tackling projects, and they jump at the opportunity to put their skills and creativity to good use. While many of the other members were still in the beginning stages of their projects, Jungkook was making steady progress.

4. When he started every project by reading the manual

Virgos do most things by the book! Instead of winging it and trying to build his furniture without reading the manual, Jungkook carefully studied the instructions before beginning every project.

5. When he was lost in his own world while building furniture

Many Virgos tend to get hyper-focused on tasks, and this definitely applies to Jungkook. While the other members were discussing their projects and chatting with each other, Jungkook was quietly singing to himself as he built a chair.



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