ARMYs Are Head Over Heels For BTS Jungkook’s Top 5 Most Boyfriend Material Looks

#3 though. 😍

BTS‘s Jungkook drives fans crazy with his boyfriend material visuals. Check out 5 of his best looks that show off his natural handsome aura!

1. Plain White T-Shirt

Jungkook proves that simple is best when he rocks a plain white t-shirt.

He’s worked hard for his athletic build and a minimal outfit like this allows him to show it off!



2. All-black

One of his most iconic looks is solid black from head-to-toe.


Whether on or off-stage, this simple yet edgy look suits his personality.

3. On the go

Some of Jungkook’s best looks come from travelling.


Whether he’s at the airport…


…or just out and about, something about “on the go” Jungkook is totally boyfriend material!


4. Cozy at home

Why choose between comfort and style? Jungkook shows he can do both!

When he’s in the studio focusing, comfort is the #1 priority.


5. Working up a sweat

Of course, Jungkook looks best doing what he loves: Working out!

Working hard brings out his passionate side and ARMYs love to see it!

Source: TheQoo


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