Here Are 7 Times BTS Jungkook’s Neat And Clean Personality Screamed Husband Material

Husband material, anyone?

BTS‘s Jungkook is known for many things, including his all-rounded talents and his hot af charisma. However, one thing some non-ARMYs might not know, is that he’s also very neat as a person! Here are 7 times his clean personality had us swooning.

1. When he got down on his knees…

…to clean the floor.

2. Leave no surface behind

When Jungkook sees a mess, he can’t help but clean it up. Lucky for his hyungs, we say.

3. He keeps his things neat

Jungkook kept his toiletries in a separate pouch, whereas most would just keep things in a plastic bag or all over the place.

4. He even washes cars

Did we mention, he was overseas on vacation?

| BigHit Entertainment

5. His items were kept neat and tidy

It’s like he’s playing tetris with his suitcase.


6. It backfires sometimes

Jungkook shared that the reason why there was bubbles in the outdoor jacuzzi, was actually because he had added way too much softener to his clothes in the laundry.

| BigHit Entertainment

7. We want to live with him too

The other BTS members shared that he had done all the laundry for them! Jungkook, can you adopt us too?

| BigHit Entertainment

Seriously, is this man perfect or what?