BTS’s Jungkook: 8 New Things We Learned About Him In 2020

New year, new facts.

ARMYs are living, breathing BTS encyclopedias, but there’s always more to learn about the members. Here are 8 new things we learned about Jungkook from Jungkook in 2020!

1. He thinks of the “Golden Maknae” and “Jeon Jungkook” as two different people

In BTS’s 2020 docu-series Break The Silence, Jungkook shared how he feels about being the Golden Maknae.

| Break The Silence

“I envy the image people have of me,” he said. “People call me the Golden Maknae, but that’s not how I feel, so I have to try harder to make myself appear that way.”

2. He isn’t a fan of having his photo taken

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, Jungkook said he prefers having videos taken of him rather than photos.

“I never really liked having my picture taken,” Jungkook said with a laugh. “And I’m usually with the others when we’re working, obviously, but it’s hard to take a camera and take selfies. So I take pictures and videos of the other members every chance I get.”

“I put my best face forward when it’s for something I have to do, like for photo books, but it’s still not easy. Videos are okay, though.”

3. As a trainee, he used to sneak naps in the bathroom

In an interview with Pitchfork, BTS talked about what life was like in 2014, during their Dark & Wild era. While working on the album, BTS was also filming their reality show American Hustle Life in the US.

According to Jungkook, their schedule was so exhausting that they would all take naps in the bathroom…

…until their instructor tracked them down. Those tough days are now fond memories!

4. He is not an INFP anymore

In 2017, BTS took the MBTI personal test for FESTA. Back then, Jungkook’s type was INFP (the “Mediator” type), but he got a different result when he retook the test this year.

In a Weverse post, Jungkook revealed his new type: ISFP-A. It is the “Adventurer” type in English or the “Curious Artist” type in Korean. ISFPs are charming, empathetic, adventurous artists with boundless creativity.

| @bighit_exhibition/Instagram

5. He can’t picture a future as a soloist

BTS aren’t just a K-Pop group; they’re family. In the Break The Silence docu-series, Jungkook revealed that he can’t see a future for himself without his members by his side.

“What if BTS suddenly disbands?” he said, during an interview segment. “What could I do by myself? When I thought about it, I realized that I have nothing. There’s not much I can do.”

“Whenever I think about it, I worry a lot. Sometimes when I’m alone, there are times when I feel overwhelming fear washing over me.”

6. He wasn’t born shy

In Jungkook’s “My Biography” interview for Volume 8 of Japan’s  FC magazine, he talked about his shyness and when he started to become a shy person.

When Jungkook arrived for his first-ever audition, he became overwhelmed by the number of people in the audition hall. This is when he started feeling shy around strangers.

But when I arrived at the audition hall, I became intimidated by the large crowd. I started to shrink after being surrounded by so many strangers. This might be the time that I began being shy around people I didn’t know.

— Jungkook

7. He is gifted at painting landscapes

Prior to 2020, fans already knew Jungkook was a talented artist. He shared many of his traditional and digital artworks with ARMYs over the years.

Even so, fans were blown away when they saw Jungkook’s landscape painting in In the Soop this year. He perfectly captured the light, scenery, and mood of his surroundings.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

8. New hidden talents

It seems like every time BTS tries something new, Jungkook discovers a new hidden talent! He showed fans a number of new skills this year on Run BTS! and other shows.

In Episode 110 of Run BTS!, Jungkook literally blew away his competition in a “blow the tissue” challenge. He kept it in the air for 15.96 seconds.

On The Tonight Show, Jungkook aced each round of the “Zoom Olympics”. He popped in and out of the camera frame at lightspeed for the “The Groundhog Challenge”…

…easily stacked up remotes for the “TV Remote Balance” challenge…

…and dumped out a ton of guitar picks for the “Guitar Pick Challenge”.