Someone Told J-Hope That He Looks Like BTS…His Reaction Was Priceless

J-Hope had an hilarious encounter with the public while in New York City.

If you randomly saw BTS in public, would you believe your eyes or think it’s too good to be true?

In Episode 5 of Break The Silence, J-Hope went out on the sunny streets of New York with staff to enjoy the city’s sights and sounds.

While walking, a man said something that J-Hope didn’t quite catch: “Are you guys from BTS? You look like BTS.”

A staff member translated the message, laughing.

J-Hope couldn’t help laughing too. He doesn’t “look like” BTS. He is BTS!

BTS can show up anywhere at any time, so if you ever think someone looks a lot like them, you might want to double-check!