Here Are BTS Jungkook’s Top 5 Best Qualities Shown During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” 

You can’t disagree with #2!

As a jack of all trades, BTS‘s Jungkook left fans in awe during the online concert, “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE.” Take a look at all of the “boxes” he checks as an idol below!

1. Visuals

Everyone knows Jungkook has stunning good looks…

…but not everyone who’s handsome can pull off all of the new and cool looks he tried during the show!

From mint hair to facial piercings, Jungkook’s visuals make him easily “digest” any look or trend he tries.

Having versatility is not only important as an idol, but also as a concert performer with tons of looks to rock throughout the show!

2. Body Proportions

The category is body…and Jungkook never fails!

Jungkook became a trending topic worldwide after emerging in his crop top.

His model-like physical stature is emphasized by his all-black look and body chain.

ARMYs agree that it makes watching his moves even more enticing!

3. Stage Expressions

Jungkook always shows his emotions through not only his dance moves…

…but also his expressions on stage.

Whether the song is solemn and emotional or charismatic and intense, he always captures the mood.

Like a true performer, he uses his expressions to make the audience even more engaged — even during a virtual concert with no physical crowd!

4. Dance Skills

Jungkook excels at powerful and sharp dance moves…

…as well as fluid and delicate choreography.

Basically, there’s nothing he can’t do!

His performance leaves fans rewatching his performances…

…time and time again!

5. Singing

Despite all of the intense choreography, Jungkook still shows off his stunning live vocals.

Check out some of his most notable vocal moments from the show below!