20+ Fan-Taken Phone Camera Photos Of BTS’s Jungkook That Show Just How Hot He Is In Real Life

#13 though 👀

BTS‘s Jungkook is undeniably handsome, and the following pictures taken from fans’ phones is proof! In no particular order, here are 20+ phone camera pictures of the “Butter” singer for you to enjoy.

1. Confidently Striding Inside

2. Lights Too Bright

| @vminkookfairies/Twitter
| @vminkookfairies/Twitter

3. Looking Upwards

| @vminkookfairies/Twitter
| @vminkookfairies/Twitter

4. Opening A Bottle Of Water

5. Walking On The Stage

6. Crouching Down

7. Gazing At Fans

8. Feeling The Music

9. Singing His Heart Out

10. Basking In The Moment

11. Carrying A Stuffed Toy

12. Taking A Selfie

13. Wiping The Mic

14. Engaging The Crowd

15. Singing A Song

16. Taking A Break

17. Looking Surprised

18. Staring At ARMYs

19. Entering The Venue

20. Smiling Brightly

21. Taking His Own Photo

With visuals like these, it’s no wonder Jungkook is one of the most popular K-Pop idols in history!

Source: Twitter


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