Here Are 20 Legendary Jungkook Moments From BTS’s Seoul Concert, According To Netizens

#5 is dangerous to ARMY’s hearts.🔥

During BTS‘s three-day “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in Seoul concerts, ARMYs experienced endless iconic moments. Jungkook lit up the stage with his visuals, talent, and passion! Check out 20 of his best moments that everyone should save in their camera roll.

1. When his button came undone, ARMYs went wild!

2. This direct eye contact moment is guaranteed to make you feel all sorts of emotions.

3. He served visuals and vocals during “Blue & Grey.”

4. He has a whole sparkling galaxy in his eyes!

5. Black and white never looked so good.

6. You can’t watch this GIF just once.

7. As the king of duality, he instantly becomes cute again.

8. Red is his favorite color…and now it’s ARMY’s favorite, too!

9. Bucket hats were made for Jungkook.

10. It’s impossible not to fall for his million-dollar smile!

11. Sweaty Jungkook is the 8th wonder of the world.

12. The confetti fairy is here!

13. “Baby Star Candy” Jungkook is in full effect.

14. Warning: Not for the faint of heart!

15. How can he be so cute?!

16. We need to see every angle of this moment possible.

17. He’s always sending his love to ARMYs!

18. Is Jungkook a doll or a human?

19. No matter how hard you try…

20. …everyone is secretly a little Jungkook-biased!

Source: theqoo (1) and (2)


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