10 Reasons Why BTS’s Jungkook Is An Angel From Above

How can you not love him?

BTS’s Jungkook is famous for his wide range of talents, but ARMYs know that one of the Golden Maknae’s greatest attributes is his golden heart. Here are 10 times Jungkook proved that he truly is an angel on earth.


1. He takes care of his members, even though he’s the youngest

Jungkook is just as strong on the inside as he is on the outside, and he’s proved time and time again that he’s someone his members can rely on.

At 2018 MAMA in Hong KongJin made a shocking confession during BTS’s acceptance speech for “Artist of the Year”. He revealed that BTS had almost disbanded earlier in the year. When V broke down during this, Jungkook pulled him into his arms and gave him a shoulder to cry on.

V once described Jungkook as being like an older brother, and that couldn’t be truer.

He is always there to help his hyungs when they need it…

…and he considers their struggles to be more important than his own.


2. He literally saved someone’s life

On an episode of Visiting Teacher, television personality Kim Sung Joo revealed that Jungkook rescued him from a dangerous situation at the 2016 DMC Festival.

The incident happened while Kim Sung Joo was hosting the event, just before BTS performed “FIRE”. Kim Sung Joo did not realize that the lifts had been lowered, creating gaping holes in the stage. When he backed up, he fell directly into Jungkook’s lift.

Jungkook sustained minor injuries from breaking the host’s fall, but kept both his injuries and his heroic act to himself. If Kim Sung Joo hadn’t revealed it, the world may have never known that Jungkook is a real-life Anpanman!


3. He always strives to give the best performance imaginable

Jungkook is a born performer and a true perfectionist. He doesn’t aim to meet expectations; he wants to exceed them every single time BTS puts on a show.

Jungkook puts everything he has in his vocals and dancing, on and off stage. Like his members, Jungkook spends countless hours honing his abilities.

On an episode of Burn The Stage, RM said that Jungkook never shows his exhaustion. It came as a surprise to all the members, including Jungkook, when he collapsed from exhaustion on tour.

Thankfully, Jungkook recovered quickly and tries to keep himself as healthy as possible to prevent injuries from happening.


4. His passion inspires ARMYs to chase their own dreams

Although Jungkook is gifted with many talents (including being able to do the splits!), there’s no denying that he has worked tirelessly to get where he is today.

Jungkook had to overcome countless obstacles, including his own shyness, in order to reach his full potential.

His journey from underdog to superstar has inspired many fans to pursue their own dreams with just as much passion as he did his.


5. He sincerely loves his fans

Jungkook never fails to express his love for ARMY, and he takes every opportunity to thank his fans for supporting him.

At fan meetings, Jungkook brightens ARMYs’ days with some one-on-one time. When this fan started crying in front of him, his attempts to cheer her up were too sweet for words!

Another time, when BTS was in Paris for their 2018 world tour, a few fans ended up fainting. At one point, Jungkook spotted security carrying one of these fans out of the concert area. While on stage, Jungkook followed the security staff member to hand him his water bottle to give to the fan.


6. His silliness brings joy to millions

Jungkook is as silly as he is skilled, and his endless absurdity brings happiness to fans everywhere.

Whether it’s stuffing a fan into his mouth…

…or doing ridiculous dances, he’s sure to make you smile!


7. He never forgets where he came from

Jungkook is now an international star, but he has stayed humble through it all.

One time, Jungkook stumbled on a crew of street dancers covering BTS’s song, “Boy In Luv”. When fans spotted him, he asked them not to draw attention to him, so that he could enjoy the performance and the dancers could have their moment in the spotlight.


8. His smile is straight-up heavenly!

Look at that smile.

Just look at it!

Need we say more?


9. He helped the staff clean up at ISAC

Fan spotted Jungkook showing his true colors at the Idol Star Athletics Championships in 2017. He stopped to help crew members at the show pick up garbage left on the floor of the facility.


10. He sings like an angel

In addition to having the kind and charitable heart of an angel, Jungkook also has the perfect singing voice to match it.

From his BTS solos…

…to his covers…

…his heavenly voice is one in a million.

Not to mention, his high note in “Euphoria”. It gives ARMYs chills every time!