BTS’ Jungkook Did The Sweetest Thing For A Fan On Stage

He is the sweetest.

BTS’ Jungkook has touched the hearts of fans with his kind and thoughtful character at BTS’ Paris concert on October 20th.


The Paris concert on October 20th marked that last performance of BTS’ Europe tour and although it is unclear if this had any correlation, it was reported that there were especially more fans who were carried out of the venue by security after fainting.


After seeing one of the securities carry out a fan who had fainted, Jungkook followed him while on stage to hand him his water bottle.


Despite the fact that Jungkook was singing his part at the moment, he did not hesitate to follow the security and step off the stage for a moment to hand him the water bottle.


Touched by Jungkook’s quick actions and thoughtfulness, fans began sharing the video clips and they soon went viral.


Meanwhile, Jungkook had injured his foot on October 9th and was forced to perform sitting down. He eventually broke down on stage because of the guilt of not being able to perform because of the injury and opened up about it later through a live broadcast as well.

BTS’s Jungkook Opens Up About How He Cried On Stage Because He Blamed Himself For His Injury


Luckily, Jungkook’s injury seems to have gotten much better by the looks of his dance moves during BTS’ last concert in Europe and fans are relieved. Please take good care of yourself, Jungkook!

Source: Segye Ilbo