BTS Jungkook Breaks Down During London Concert

Jungkook became emotional after being forced to be seated throughout most of the concert.

BTS’ Jungkook, who recently suffered from a foot injury, reportedly broke down during the “BTS World Tour: Love Yourself” in London.


Due to the injury he received after their rehearsal, Jungkook was forced to perform seated throughout most of the concert.


Being unable to perform to his potential, Jungkook became emotional during the performances and could be seen wiping tears from his eyes.


During the ending speech, he asserted his determination to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future and eventually broke down into tears when fans began changing his name.

“I originally planned a speech in English for today but because of my sudden injury, I want to express my sincerety so I’ll be speaking in Korean. I was really looking forward to today and I want to thank you for making me so happy on stage. Going through today, I promise that I’m not gonna let this kind of thing happen evern again. Thank you. I love you guys.” ㅡ Jungkook


Jimin also asked the audience to comfort Jungkook by giving him shout of love, explaining that he’d probably go back and cry by himself again.

“You’re probably all worried about Jungkook but please don’t worry because he’s going to get well real soon. But if Jungkook goes home like this today, he’s going to go back and cry. When I say one, two three, let’s say I love you Jungkook!'” ㅡ Jimin


Fans continue to leave messages of encouragement to the Golden Maknae, letting him know that it isn’t his fault and showing their endless support for him!


Source: Yonhap News