6 Of The Flirtiest Replies BTS’s Jungkook Gave Out On Instagram Stories

Were you lucky enough to get a reply?

BTS‘s Jungkook recently delighted ARMY with a long Q&A session via Instagram. Seems like the maknae was a little bored after their successful Seoul offline concert, PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — SEOUL, for he asked fans for suggestions on what to do. What fans did not expect was for Jungkook to get his flirt on. Here are 6 of the flirtiest replies he gave to fans. Warning! Have 911 on speed dial for your heart is about to get stopped!


1. *raising brows*

A fan asked him if he wanted to eat some ramyun with them and we all know what that means! Ramyun is an euphemism for *cough*, Netflix and chilling. He took it up a notch by directly replying with the one sentence we all want to hear…

Do you want to eat ramyun before going?

— Jungkook

He soon received a follow-up question from a fan that told him what the phrase might mean in English. Jungkook one-upped them, that sly bear!

Nowadays they say, “do you want to come to see my cat”…hehe

— Jungkook

2. Miscommunication

This fan was probably not Korean for they had sent in a message that was A+ for heart and effort, but a little off track in terms of grammar. Ever encouraging to international fans, Jungkook turned the fan’s grammatical error into a little pun that got flirty.

The fan had been trying to ask if they were beautiful. But the error turned it into, “Am I a beautiful year?” Jungkook made sure to compliment the fan!

Because you are here, it’s a beautiful year.

— Jungkook

3. He’s running hard

Ah, the classic, “you’ve been running in my heart” line. Jungkook received the hit and served it back with an extra side of heart-flutters.

Jungkook, do your feet hurt? Cuz you’ve been running in my heart.

— Fan


I knew it. That’s why they were a little sore…

— Jungkook

4. An angel

A fan pulled the “did it hurt when you fell from heaven” line on Jungkook and he boldly took it in stride. Guess he knows he’s an angel!

It hurt a little bit but I’m okay now.

— Jungkook

5. He called them pretty

Jungkook is so handsome that it must be great for him to just look in the mirror. A fan suggested that he do just that.

Look in the mirror. It’ll be super fun.

— Fan

Jungkook declared that the fan was more fun to look at.

It’s more [fun] looking at you.

— Jungkook

6. Shy confession

A fan couldn’t bring up the courage to confess their feelings for Jungkook.

I lo-lo…like you

— Fan

Jungkook told her to be brave!

Why can’t you say you love me?

— Jungkook

Were you there when this went down? Or were you late to the party and missed the chance of a lifetime to flirt with the man himself? We know we’ll be setting our notification alarms for his Stories from now on!

Source: Nate Pann