Here Are 13 BTS Jungkook Thirst Traps To Spice Up Your Day

#6 is iconic!

BTS‘s Jungkook has never been afraid to show his sexy side. It doesn’t take long for his alluring charms to capture fans — especially when he’s showing his abs! Take a look at some of his best thirst trap moments below.

1. Jungkook for Calvin Klein is the ultimate thirst trap.

He looks good and he knows it!

2. Nobody will ever forget this “My Time” performance.

A legend was born on this day.

3. His gaze 🔥

Driving ARMYs crazy since 1997.

4. “DNA” was an iconic era.

From the outfits to the choreography, it was flawless!

5. Two words: Jungkook’s abs.

He’s basically a walking chocolate bar.

6. Speaking of abs, he debuted them in 2018.

“Fake Love” went down in history.

7. He’s got muscles everywhere.

His back, his legs — He’s totally built!

8. Any Muster Sowoozoo Jungkook enthusiasts?

We all fell for him this day…again.

9. His waist instantly went viral.

He’s so hot!

| Calvin Klein

10. Blazer? Check!

His aura is unmatched on stage.

11. His facial expressions drive fans crazy.

It’s easy to see why!

12. You can never have enough ab shots.

What were we saying?

13. Here’s JK for CK…but make it colorized.

Check out the stunning photos in all their colored glory below.

| Calvin Klein (Colored version: @97Sarchives/Twitter)
| Calvin Klein
| Calvin Klein
| Calvin Klein (Colored version: @97Sarchives/Twitter)


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