9 BTS Jungkook Shoes That Will Make You Say “Step On Me”

Fans fell head over heels with these shoes and boots.

If you’re trying to get a feel for the BTS members’ personalities, just sneak a peek at their shoes. Like Jungkook, these shoes are bold, athletic, attention-grabbing statement makers that fans instantly fall in love with!


1. The “Shade Stompers”

Haters might want to think twice about throwing shade in Jungkook’s direction. These powerful Shade Stompers were made to squash criticism, annihilate hate, and (of course) pave the way!


2. The “Planet Crushers”

Have you seen the soles on these chunkers? As Jungkook would say, “oh man, holy sh*t!”.  If Thanos wore Prada, he’d order these Planet Crushers!


3. The “Best of Both Worlds”

Jungkook loves to try anything and everything. He wants it all, but he doesn’t always have time to do it all. So, why wear one color when you can wear two? Each of these shoes is split into black and gray down the middle, so from some angles, it looks like Jungkook is wearing two different pairs of shoes!


4. The “Croc Teeth For Feet”

These very scary shoes aren’t messing around. Like crocodiles on prey, they chew up “FAKE LOVE” and swallow it whole. Real love only — or else!


5. The “Lava Walkers”

If shoemakers poured rubber onto soles like people pour butter onto popcorn, Jungkook would never say “when”. He likes his runners to be thick and cushiony. These Lava Walkers are the shoes Jungkook needs to walk down his molten hot career path!


6. The “Jimin Wore Them, So I Wanted Them”?

Timberlands were all the rage in BTS’s rookie days, but who wore them first: Jungkook or Jimin? Only old school ARMYs know the answer!


7. The “Timberlands, But Comfier”

These tan Nike high tops look a lot like Jungkook’s Timberlands, but they’re probably a little comfier to wear on a flight!


8.  The “Punk On The Outside, Prince On The Inside”

Who knew that Prince Charming wore Dr. Martens? These strappy, leather boots speak to Jungkook’s punk side. It’s easy to picture him stomping through a moshpit, straight into ARMY’s hearts!


9. The “K-Drama Action Hero”

If Jungkook wasn’t an idol, he could definitely make it as an action star. Can’t you see him saving the day in these badass running shoes?