7 Times BTS Couldn’t Resist Taking Photos And Videos Of Sleepy And Cute Jungkook

V is usually the photographer! 🤣

Jungkook is always cute, but he’s even cuter while he sleeps! The BTS members are totally aware of this and love taking his picture while he’s sleeping. Check out some of the moments they couldn’t resist his cuteness below!

1. V squeezed Jungkook’s face and wishing him a happy birthday.

This hilarious clip shows a sleepy Jungkook on his birthday.

Of course, the highlight is V squishing his cheeks!

Watch V’s video here.

2. RM found a sleeping Jungkook too cute during the Love Yourself: Tear album photoshoot.

As he passed by, he took not only a vertical photo…

…but also a horizontal photo!

The pictures came out so good that they were released officially for ARMY on BTS’s fancafe.

3. J-Hope captured Jungkook’s funny sleeping pose.

Known for his weird positions he sleeps in, Jungkook looked adorable between photoshoots.

Channeling his inner photographer, J-Hope got a precious video of the maknae.

4. Jimin took a selfie with a sleepy Jungkook backstage.

None of the members can pass by him without taking his photo or video!

5. V’s night vision video of Jungkook is iconic.

Nothing was safe, from his toes…

…to his chubby cheeks!

6. Each hyung just loves petting him.

They see Jungkook like their own little brother!

7. V once got McDonald’s, but filming Jungkook was more important.

He tried to feed him a fry, but it was no use.

Instead of eating his meal, he chose to take videos and pictures of Jungkook!