8 Times BTS’s Jungkook Recovered From Stage Accidents Like A Professional

#4 is seriously impressive.

BTS‘s Jungkook is the definition of a professional. When an inconvenience happens on stage, he recovers so smoothly that many people might not even notice. Check out 8 times he impressed everyone with his quick recoveries!

1. When he caught the flying accessory

It might not be obvious to the human eye what’s happening here at first!

The lanyard hanging from Jungkook’s pants is shown below.

In the slowed down clip, his own hand actually sends it flying. However, he quickly recovers by catching it with the other hand and tossing it away to discard it.

2. Effortlessly zipping up his boot to the beat of “ON”

He makes everything look purposeful!

3. When his own necklace got in his way

He made sure to immediately get rid of it.

4. Fixing his microphone during “Fake Love”

He doesn’t miss a single dance move as he recovers from the faulty mic.

5. Adjusting his seat in “Dionysus”

The subtle movement helps the members stay symmetrical and have optimal room to sit down for the song’s ending pose.

6. When he helped J-Hope recover his missing shoe

During a moment when he was singing, he put the shoe next to J-Hope so he could easily put it back on.

7. Letting the crowd know he’s okay

During a performance of “Euphoria,” he slipped and fell.

However, he immediately let the crowd know he was okay so they wouldn’t worry.

8. Picking up Jimin’s mic pack that fell

During the ending of “Fire,” he removed it so nobody would get injured from it.