These 10+ Throwbacks Of BTS’s Maknae Line Will Hit You Right In The Feels

As you scroll, they get older.

If your heart can handle it, check out these 10+ adorable moments of BTS‘s precious maknaes, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, throughout the years!

1. Look at these three babies!

All I can say looking at this is UWU.

2. If you were here when they were this small, you’re an OG ARMY.

Remember these tiny tots?!

3. Too much squish in one picture.

Okay, my heart hurts.

4. They’re like a litter of puppies.

Resisting urge to pinch cheeks.

5. Imagine being Hyung line and having to take care of these crazy boys.

Constantly moving and full of energy — Every parent’s worst nightmare.

6. They’re extra adorable when they’re celebrating.

How can you not let them win just to see their excited faces?!

7. It only gets funnier as you watch each of their expressions.

Annoyed, smug, and absolutely done.

8. Baby Maknae line in America was a sight to behold.

Bonus points to your ARMY status if you loved American Hustle Life and GO! BTS.

9. That feeling when the food is just too good.

Even their acting for food CFs is totally endearing.

10. The way they grew up together is priceless.

BFF goals right here.

11. Raise your hand if you’re a maknae line stan!

Honestly, we all are.

12. They only get more and more endearing as time passes.

They’re too loveable.

13. …Wait a moment.

Are these the same boys we just saw?

14. They grew up SO well.

They changed right before ARMY’s eyes.

15. From three adorable boys to three incredible men!

Now, THIS is character development.

16. Blueberry, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream — What’s your favorite flavor?

Or, you know, you can have one scoop of each.

17. They might have grown up, but they’ll always be the babies of BTS!

Truer words have never been spoken.

18. Maknae line’s evolutions are like Pokémon.

They have achieved their final form!