Here Are 20+ Moments BTS’s Jungkook And V Proved They Are A Stunning Visual Combo

Can you handle the cuteness in #5?

BTS‘s V and Jungkook are known as a visual pair that somehow look even more handsome when standing next to each other! Check out some of the moment below where ARMYs couldn’t help but fall in love twice.

1. They’re hitting ARMYs with the double visual.

2. Two adorable cuties…

3. …but also two handsome guys!

4. Even their profiles are stunning.

5. Squishies!

6. Blue and black never looked so good together…until now.

7. V is fierce and Jungkook is soft…

8. …and both are too perfect for words!

9. When they’re side by side, they have so much visual power.

10. Their bare faces don’t need an ounce of makeup.

11. Sometimes, they act the same…

12. …but the differences in their expressions are huge!

13. Basically, they compliment each other perfectly.

14. Everyone remembers this moment!

15. Their face cards never decline.

16. They look their best in a formal suit and tie.

17. They have entire galaxies in their eyes…

18. …and it’s hard not to get sucked in!

19. It’s easy to see why people compare their cute visuals to Zootopia’s Judy and Nick…

20. …since they really look like a fox and a bunny!

21. They get intense when they’re focused.

22. Visual overload!

23. It’s impossible not to fall for these two.