11 Video Clips Filmed And Edited By BTS’s Jungkook That Show His Insane Videographer Talent

#5 proves he belongs both behind AND in front of the camera!

It’s no wonder he’s called the “Golden Maknae!” BTS‘s Jungkook can do just about anything. One of his talents he’s explored more in-depth during the past few years is his passion for video editing. Check out some of the videos he’s edited below that prove his prowess as a director and editor.

1. G.C.F. in Osaka (2018)

The soft lighting and up-beat music make this video both memorable and nostalgic!

2. Suga’s Birthday Video (2017)

He made this out of love for his hyung and it was totally awesome.

3. G.C.F. in Helsinki (2019)

Jungkook shows his creative vision with this “serious” video…that will also bring you a few laughs!

4. G.C.F. 3J @ 2018 MMA Dance Practice

This epic video captured Jungkook, J-Hope, and Jimin’s dance practice for their epic performance.

5. “Life Goes On” MV (2020)

Jungkook is listed as the director for the music video and filmed all of the clips that he’s not in.

6. G.C.F. in Newark VHS Version (2018)

He put a classic spin on his footage from Newark.

7. Highlight Reel for BTS’s Comeback Show (2018)

It was revealed that Jungkook edited this clip for Mnet himself!

8. G.C.F. in Saipan (2018)

Jungkook beautifully captured the blue sky and waters of Saipan on this beautiful vacation.

9. His sing-along to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”

All of the different angles and editing was done by himself.

10. G.C.F. in USA (2018)

The members are serving gorgeous visuals during the photoshoot he captured.

11. G.C.F. in Tokyo — Jungkook & Jimin (2017)

Everyone remembers this iconic video of Jungkook and Jimin’s duo vacation to Japan!

Source: theqoo