Here Are 30 Photos Of Teenage Jungkook Since BTS’s Debut That Will Make You Soft

#7 belongs in every ARMY’s camera roll.

If you need a pick-me-up, baby Jungkook is here to brighten your day. Check out how he aged throughout the eras since BTS‘s debut until he was well on his way to adulthood!

1. Jungkook was 15 years old when he debuted.

2. During “No More Dream” era, he and all the members worked tirelessly.

3. He seriously resembled a bunny at this point in time.

4. The maknae was cute and squishy — but just as fierce as ever.

5. Despite being so young, he was still so handsome!

6. Even the way he drinks water is cute.

7. “N.O.” era began when he turned 16 years old.

8. The gentle way he waves is so *heart eyes*.

9. Here we have a confused baby bunny operating a megaphone.

10. The concept? White clothes and tons of smudgy eyeliner.

11. Popping out to say hello!

12. UwU.

13. When “Boy In Luv” era began, he was almost 16 and a half years old.

14. That didn’t stop him from capturing the “manly man” concept perfectly!

15. The school uniform concept was iconic.

16. Maroon has never looked so good.

17. Meanwhile, here he is actually in a school uniform.

18. He was the high school crush of any ARMY’s dreams.

19. BTS released “Danger” when Jungkook was almost 17.

20. He took on a more edgy and tough appearance.

21. Who remembers his cool ear piercing phase?

22. He was beginning to mature into a young man.

23. He was still ridiculously cute, though!

24. Jet-black haired Jungkook just hits different.

25. “War Of Hormone” era began after Jungkook turned 17.

26. This black-and-red sweater look lives in ARMY’s minds rent-free.

27. He tried out the comma hairstyle — and was met with great success.

28. He knows how to play with ARMY’s hearts.

29. Look at those puppy dog eyes.

30. Admit it — This was your lock screen at one point!


Source: TheQoo