4 Times BTS Knew Each Other So Well That It Might Give You Goosebumps

J-Hope once recognized Suga just from his breathing!

The BTS members are like family to each other, and they know each other extremely well. Here are 4 times BTS knew each other so well that it might give you goosebumps!

1. J-Hope recognizing Suga just from his breathing

Suga once shared a story of a time when J-Hope recognized him just from his breathing!

BTS’s Suga (Left) & J-Hope (Right)

Suga shared that one day, he was using the restroom at a music show. Cubicles separated the toilets in this restroom. While Suga was sitting on a toilet, he let out a sigh.

After he let out this sigh, he heard someone say, “Suga hyung?” J-Hope was unknowingly using the cubicle next to Suga, and he was able to recognize Suga just from his breathing!

2. Jimin knowing what Suga would say

In an episode of Run BTS!, Jimin made an accurate prediction about Suga!

BTS’s Suga (Left) & Jimin (Right)

The members played a “liar” game, and they incorrectly guessed who the liar was several times. The members were then stuck between RM and Jimin, as they received 3 votes each. They decided to call Suga to break the tie. Suga was not present since he had recently gotten shoulder surgery.

Before they even made the call, Jimin was sure that Suga would pick him.

They soon called Suga and asked him to choose between RM and Jimin, and he picked Jimin!

The members, however, were ultimately wrong, as Jungkook was the real “liar!”

3. The members knowing Jin’s play style

Jin can be quite playful during games, and the members know this all too well!

BTS’s Jin

In an episode of Run BTS!, Jimin spoke about a technique in ping-pong that could throw off opponents. The coaches then shared that the technique he was talking about is considered “foul play.”

The members then immediately pointed at Jin and said he tends to use techniques like the one mentioned!

Jin was quite honest and said that tricking his opponents is how he usually plays!

4. J-Hope recognizing Jin despite his disguise

It’s quite common for the BTS members to wear a disguise when they go out, but that doesn’t mean the disguise always works. One time, J-Hope recognized Jin despite his disguise!

BTS’s Jin (Left) & J-Hope (Right)

At a fansign, J-Hope shared that he went out to see a movie, and he saw Jin at the theater!

Jin was wearing a disguise, and his face was covered up. Despite this, J-Hope immediately recognized him!