BTS Called Suga To Make A Choice, And Jimin Knew Exactly What Suga Would Say

Jimin knows Suga too well!

In episode 128 of Run BTS!, BTS‘s Jimin made quite an accurate prediction about Suga!

BTS’s Jimin
BTS’s Suga

In the episode, the members played a game where all but 1 member knew a specific keyword. The member who didn’t know the keyword had to do their best to figure out the keyword and not get caught as the “liar.” In one of the rounds, the members thought that V was the “liar.”

The members ended up being wrong!

After eliminating V, they picked J-Hope as the “liar,” but they were once again wrong!

The members were quite confused at this point, and in their next voting, RM and Jimin were tied with 3 votes each. The members then decided to call Suga to pick between Jimin and RM. Suga wasn’t present in the episode, as, at the time of filming, he had just gotten shoulder surgery.

Before they even made the call, Jimin predicted that Suga would pick him.

The members then proceeded to call Suga and asked him to pick between RM and Jimin. Suga didn’t hesitate and picked Jimin!

Jimin then revealed that he wasn’t the “liar,” which surprised the members.

The members then voted Jin as the “liar,” but they once again were wrong.

After all these failed attempts, the real “liar” stood up, and the members just laughed!

Source: Naver Live