10 Best Fan Reactions To BTS’s Upcoming LEGO Collaboration

Could BTS be featured in an upcoming movie..?

LEGO has now officially announced that their collaboration with BTS is dropping within days.

In December 2022, LEGO teased the upcoming collaboration on social media.

But before the collaboration had been announced, a fan-made design was selected in February for a BTS “Dynamite” set. Of course, since LEGO sets take time to build, fans didn’t know when the set would finally be available for purchase.

But now that the release of the collaboration is happening in a little over two days, fans are celebrating. Here are ten of the best fan reactions to the highly-anticipated collaboration.

1. Will it come with photo cards?

Asking for a friend.

2. Jimin was hinting at it all along…

ARMY really have to pay attention to every little detail; there’s basically no way to know when the members are spoiling something.

3. We can’t wait to see Jimin build the set in his next live

We can’t wait to see his reactions!

4. Has anyone checked on TinyTAN?

Or maybe there could even be a collaboration between TinyTAN and LEGO in the future.

5. The new set will have us all singing “Dynamite”

LEGOs are notoriously painful if you step on them… So watch this become the next viral TikTok trend.

6. Talented ARMY will probably make more exciting content

Even before there was an official LEGO BTS set, fans were already showing off their insane creativity.

7. Hopefully this is just the first set of many

RIP ARMYs’ wallets.

8. Could BTS appear in the next LEGO movie..?

Since the The LEGO Movie 3 has been confirmed to be in production and BTS are now a part of the LEGO “universe”…

9. But if not The LEGO Movie, maybe we can still see them on screen

10. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that the sets will instantly be sold out

You can read more about the collaboration here.

BTS x LEGO Is Officially Coming, But This Collaboration Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Fans’ Ideas

Source: LEGO