BTS x LEGO Is Officially Coming, But This Collaboration Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Fans’ Ideas

A couple of years later, these fans’ dream is a reality.

BTS and LEGO are the next great collaboration, and it’s all thanks to two fans!

Recently, LEGO teased a collaboration on social media. It included a purple graphic with a purple heart LEGO, which automatically puts one in mind of BTS.


A brief description of the promo also mentioned “seven favorite pop icons” with the promise to “light up like ‘dynamite!'” So, of course, it has to mean LEGO and BTS have teamed up!


In February, a fan-made design was selected by LEGO IDEAS for production. Of course, production alone takes some time, but we imagine that LEGO had to work out a deal with HYBE as well. Yet, LEGO did already send Jin a birthday gift back in 2021.

In case you are unfamiliar, you can submit a potential design for a LEGO set via LEGO IDEAS. If your idea garners attention and you obtain 10,000 supporters, your idea is a go!


A couple of years ago, Josh (JBBrickFanatic) and Jacob (BangtanBricks) submitted their design for a LEGO set inspired by BTS’s hit “Dynamite.”

I saw the success of the music video itself, and knew this was a space that needed to be filled in the Ideas lineup. With such a dedicated fan base, the BTS Dynamite music video is just so iconic. I teamed up with my friend to make it the best it could be, and clearly, from the insane amount of support, I’d say we did a good job!

— Josh Bretz

If you look at the submission, you will notice it reads 10,000 supporters and is approved.

At first, for the first 27 days or so I had a lot of trouble gaining traction on social media to get the attention of the BTS fandom (Called ARMY) and it was a real struggle to get to 81 supporters. But then one night Josh made a Tik Tok video to promote the set and it went semi-viral. We hit 700 supporters by the next morning and within 24 hours of that, we hit 7K. I believe our project has the largest growth spurt of any ideas project ever. After that, it only took a day or two to get the rest. So it’s hard to say if it took a month or 3 days.

— Jacob


Considering these details, it’s guaranteed that the collaboration, especially since LEGO mentioned seven members and “dynamite,” is the same as these ARMYs’ design. Also, since their submission was so detailed, we already have a sneak peek into what we can expect from the LEGO set.


The set will include all seven members of BTS. Based on the concept submitted, they appear in their retro 70s-inspired outfits from the “Dynamite” MV.


The set is made up of primary locations from the MV as well, including the disco, donut shop, and record store.


There are even extra sweet details included, such as the physical records being for BTS albums, including “Dynamite,” The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 2, and Love Yourself: Her.


According to rumors, the “Dynamite” set is LEGO’s #21339 set. If you Google the number, you’ll find some LEGO-focused websites that mention “Dynamite.” They also claim that it will be $100 USD for a LEGO piece count of 749 with a release date of March 2023.

Next up in March of 2023 could be 21339 BTS – Dynamite, selling for $99.99 with a piece count of 749. Just two months after that in May comes 21340 Tales of the Space Age, the cheapest of the sets. You’d pay $49.99 for this 688-piece model.

— Brick Fanatics

Also, if one of LEGO’s promos for the collaboration appears on your social media timeline, check it out. You can sign up for updates.

Source: LEGO IDEAS and Brick Fanatics

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