Here Are The 20 Most Iconic Moments From BTS’s Live Streams In 2021

No one can forget #3! 😂

BTS held a ton of live streams throughout 2021 which lead to so many chaotic moments! Check out some of the cutest, funniest, and most memorable moments below!

1. When all of the members filled V’s hair with forks

2. When Jin came in every few minutes to embarrass J-Hope

3. RM spoiling the GRAMMY nomination

4.  When everyone touched each other’s abs

5. J-Hope’s reaction to drinking a shot of soju

6. When RM accidentally put the candles out on his birthday cake

7. VSOPE becoming the cutest baristas ever

8. Jungkook finally singing “Paradise”

9. When no one could find Jimin

10. Every time V read, “Yoongi marry me!”

11. When Jungkook just disappeared

12. When Namjin became the world’s best YouTubers

13. When 3J couldn’t stop doing their “Butter” dance on every live stream

14. J-Hope always being Suga’s hype man

15. Jimin singing “Promise” while showing his adorable pinky

16. Jungkook thrusting in pajamas to “Baepsae”

17. Jin and RM proving they have zero telepathy

18. J-Hope bringing ARMYs into the bathroom with him because he can

19. Suga becoming the cutest ending fairy ever

20. Jin revealing TMI about the pictures he takes