Here Are 8 Moments From BTS’s Live Broadcast Celebrating 5 Weeks At #1 On Billboard You Need To See

#3 is sheer chaos. 😂

Recently, BTS held a live stream to thank ARMYs after receiving #1 on Billboard HOT 100 for the 5th week in a row. However, in typical BTS fashion, there was a variety of hilarious, cute, and interesting events that took place. Check out 8 must-see moments from the broadcast below!

1. They tried the “start the broadcast by freezing” thing again…

…but Jin had other plans in store.

2. Jimin calling out RM for teasing ARMYs

RM began bragging that he saw the beautiful album before ARMYs…

…but Jimin wasn’t having it!

3. Return of Suga, the spoiler king

He’s here to give the people what they want.

4. Jungkook suddenly deciding to feel Jin’s shirt

I mean, who can resist?!

5. Suga being proud AF

As he should be!

6. V choosing chaos when he wanted to flip the camera and expose the staff

He just tries to have as much fun as possible at all times.

7. J-Hope laughing and falling out of frame

One look at Suga’s expression and you’ll be cracking up, too!

8. Jimin looking super fine in his Louis Vuitton shirt

Bless this look!