13 Moments From BTS’s London Concert That Show The Power Of BTS’s Friendship

They showed their love for each other, and for ARMY.

Shortly before BTS‘s October 9 concert in London, Jungkook sustained a minor injury that required him to abstain from dancing during the show. Even though Jungkook had to perform most of BTS’s songs while seated, his members did everything in their power to make the show a memorable, happy night for both Jungkook and ARMY. Here are 13 special moments that show just how much BTS loves each other, and their fans.


1. When Jimin asked ARMY to give Jungkook a special shoutout

Jimin asked the audience to comfort Jungkook by giving him shout of love, to cheer Jungkook up.


2. When Jungkook looked at ARMY with eyes full of love

It’s clear just from this photo how much Jungkook loves and appreciates his fans.


3. When Jin held Jungkook’s hand during “Magic Shop”


4. When V and Jungkook did this special handshake during “Baepsae”


5.  When RM gave Jungkook this loving backhug during “Love Myself”


6. When Jimin finally became the tall one

Jungkook loves to tease Jimin about his height, but Jimin finally got the opportunity to tower over the maknae when Jungkook was seated.

Jimin’s brought a smile to his dongsaeng‘s face when he leaned on his shoulders and made this finger heart for fans.


7. When ARMY chanted Jungkook’s name

Jungkook became so overwhelmed that he broke down several times during the concert.

One time when he began to cry, ARMYs chanted his name to show their love for him…which only made him cry more!


8. When Jimin ran over to comfort Jungkook during “Anpanman”…

As soon as he noticed Jungkook was having a hard time, Jimin ran to Jungkook’s side to make sure he was okay.


9. When RM and Suga knelt down beside Jungkook

RM made the moment even sweeter by holding Jungkook’s hand


10. When V kept a watchful eye on Jungkook

At one point during “Anpanman”, Jungkook decided to get up from his stool and walk around the stage. V walked with him, to make sure his friend was doing okay.


11. When “JiKook” gave ARMY the sweetest fan service ever

Each of the BTS members went out of their way to involve Jungkook in the performance. During “Dope”, this resulted in some heartwarming moments, especially for Jungkook and Jimin shippers.


12. When BTS surrounded Jungkook during “DNA”


13. When Jimin and V sang with Jungkook during “Love Myself”

The moment was so cute that Suga couldn’t help watching too!