Here Are 10+ Long Hair Edits Of BTS We Desperately Wish Were Real

They’re heartthrobs! 😍

While some of the BTS members have experimented with longer locks, others have never even attempted the trendy look. However, according to these fan-edited photos, they all look equally stunning! Check out some of the best edits below that every ARMY wishes were real.

1. RM

A medium-length cut or super long hair would suit RM!

2. Jin

ARMYs have been waiting for Jin to make his acting debut…and it’s just a bonus if he has long hair, too!

3. Suga

Suga’s permed look would be perfect for an edgy rock concept.

4. J-Hope

Just imagine how extra cool J-Hope’s dance moves would be with long hair!

5. Jimin

While we’ve seen Jimin with a ponytail from time to time, he could also rock a mullet.

6. V

V’s versatile visuals allow him to pull off any look: From black to blonde hair and from short to long hair!

7. Jungkook

Fans have yet to see Jungkook grow his hair to his shoulders. Hopefully, one day he goes for the sexy look!