Album Rewind: Looking Back At The Line Distributions For All 9 Songs On BTS’s “Love Yourself: Her”

Did Jungkook get as many lines back then as he has now?

The first part in BTS‘s Love Yourself album series, Love Yourself: Her, came out on September 18, 2017, making it about three and a half years old now! With the title track “DNA” that helped the K-Pop group to skyrocket into even greater popularity and fame, the album sold around 2.2 million copies. In fact, each of the Love Yourself albums sold over two million total copies, which just goes to show how incredibly successful the group was even that long ago!

BTS’s Jimin

If you’re curious to see how the members distributed lines back in this day, here’s a look back at the line distributions for all 9 songs on the album! Each graph shows the percentage of lines each member has in each song, with a final graph showing each member’s contribution to the album as a whole.

1. “Intro: Serendipity”

2. “DNA”

Most lines: Jungkook (32.5%)

2nd: V (16.8%)

3rd: Jimin (14.7%)

4th: Jin (10.7%)

5th: RM (9.3%)

6th: J-Hope (8.3%)

7th: Suga (7.7%)

3. “Best Of Me”

Most lines: Jungkook (26.7%)

2nd: Jimin (20.2%)

3rd: J-Hope (16.8%)

4th: Jin (10.1%)

5th: V (9.8%)

6th: Suga (8.4%)

7th: RM (7.6%)

4. “Dimple”

Most lines: Jungkook (43.7%)

2nd: Jin (19.2%)

3rd: Jimin (19%)

4th: V (18.1%)

5. “Pied Piper”

Most lines: Jungkook (32.9%)

2nd: Jimin (26.9%)

3rd: Jin (11.8%)

4th: RM (9.5%)

5th: V (9%)

6th: Suga (5.4%)

7th: J-Hope (4.5%)

6. “Mic Drop”

Most lines: RM (17.7%)

2nd: Jungkook (16.7%)

3rd: Suga (15.9%)

4th: J-Hope (15.1%)

5th: Jimin (11.9%)

6th: V (11.5%)

7th: Jin (11.2%)

7. “Go Go”

Most lines: Jungkook (27%)

2nd: Jimin & V (14.7%)

3rd: Jin (14.3%)

4th: J-Hope (11.3%)

5th: RM (10.2%)

6th: Suga (7.7%)

8. “Outro: Her”

Most lines: Suga (34.9%)

2nd: RM (33.3%)

3rd: J-Hope (31.8%)

9. “Sea”

Most lines: Suga (20.8%)

2nd: RM (18.8%)

3rd: Jungkook (16.1%)

4th: V (14.7%)

5th: J-Hope (10.9%)

6th: Jin & Jimin (9.3%)


Most lines: Jimin (24.1%)

2nd: Jungkook (21.7%)

3rd: RM (11.8%)

4th: Suga (11.2%)

5th: J-Hope (11%)

6th: V (10.5%)

7th: Jin (9.6%)