6 Times BTS Proved That Nobody Memes BTS Better Than BTS

BTS loves to make memes almost as much as ARMY does.

ARMY loves to make memes from BTS’s funny photos and video clips, but they aren’t the only ones. The members (and their staff) have made BTS memes too. These are just 6 of them!

1. J-Hope in the globe

This is the latest BTS post-turned-meme. When BTS took home another trophy for “ON”, J-Hope shared these photos.

Shortly after, J-Hope posted this hilarious close up of his reflection. There’s no need to search for meme moments when BTS does it themselves!

2. The emoticONs

“ON” broke records when it debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard “Hot 100” Chart. To celebrate, BTS released these I-used-Paint-on-Windows-95-style “emoticONs” with lyrics from Map of the Soul: 7. 

3. The “.jpg” saga

The editors of Run BTS! have given ARMYs many meme moments, but one of the most legendary ones are the “.jpg” photos. BTS had to jump into the frame at the right time, and they succeeded…kind of.

4. Beardtan: Jungkook edition

On April Fool’s Day 2018, ARMY created “Beardtan Sonyeondan”.

In May 2019, Jungkook revived the joke when he got a hold of the FaceApp. He used FaceApp to add facial hair and 15 years to his members. “I tried to predict how we’ll look in 15 years,” he wrote in the caption. “I laughed so hard when I edited these that I couldn’t breathe!”

5. Jin Hit Entertainment

In 2015, Jin attempted to hijack BTS’s agency by renaming it after himself, not once…

…but twice. So began one of BTS’s funniest Twitter conversations of all time, and the birth of “Jin Hit Entertainment”.

6. Every time BTS.exe shut down

The Run BTS! editors deserve an award for every time their hilarious captions reflected BTS’s mental states.