BTS’s Top 7 Funniest Twitter Conversations Of All Time

These Twitter saga are now part of Bangtan history.

In honor of BTS‘s upcoming album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, here are their Top 7 funniest Twitter exchanges of all time!

1. That time Suga was caught in a lie

When Suga posted this photo in April 2015, he claimed it was a candid shot taken by V. This was a total lie, and his members had no problem exposing it!

Shortly after, Jimin posted this photo he took. In it, Suga is clearly posing for V’s camera.

The fun didn’t stop there though! Jin took this photo of Jimin taking a photo…

…and then J-Hope took a photo of all four of them. There has never been more photographic evidence piled against Suga!

2. V’s “pets”

In 2014, V posted this photo doodle of himself leashing his members.

Here’s what happened next:

3. Do you want to build a snowman?

Disney‘s popular animated film Frozen was released in Korea in January 2014. In February 2014, BTS’s official Twitter tweeted this wintry photo of Suga. They including the title of the Frozen song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” in the caption.

In reply, Suga tweeted, “go away”, referencing how Elsa told Anna to go away during the song.

Like Anna, @bts_bighit replied:

4. The birth of “Jin Hit Entertainment”

On March 3, 2015, Jin attempted to hijack BTS’s agency by renaming it after himself.

He tried again 10 days later, on March 13.

After Jin asked Big Hit Entertainment to change their promotional photo (twice!), they did, and the “Jin Hit Entertainment” joke was born.

5. When Suga was caught in another lie

It’s no wonder why Suga is tired of living in an “unfair society”. Social media just isn’t on his side! When he posted this “candid” photo by J-Hope…

…J-Hope immediately told the whole world that Suga told him to take the photo!

6. The Butt Saga

In 2018, Suga kicked off the New Year by falling out of his chair and hurting his butt. So began one of the funniest BTS Twitter sagas of all time!

While I was working I fell and hurt my butt #ithurts #suga #dumbfoundead #happynewyear #throbthrob

— Suga

RM responded by letting everyone know exactly how this happened, and he gave Suga a new nickname.

“I got a new chair so I gave him the old one and as soon as he got the chair he fell off and hit his butt. I had the chair for over a year and this never happened to me. Suga..I’m better than you.. From now on you are “Min Deol Leong” (careless)..”

— RM

Then, RM suggested another nickname, “Mindeongbangah.” The word combines Suga’s last name, “Min”, and the word “Eongdeongbangah,” which means to fall and hurt your butt.

“Or I recommend #Mindeongbangah”

— RM

Suga gladly accepted his new name and came back to introduce himself to the Twitter world.

“Hello. This is Mindeongbangah”

— Suga

RM posted the perfect photo for the situation, and soon #Mindeongbangah was a trending topic!

“Please don’t laugh everyone,” Suga said. “it really was painful.” 

Thankfully, RM came to the rescue with two bandaids and plenty of sass!

“Ok, I put two band-aids on for you”

— RM

7. V and Jungkook’s “drunk tweeting” adventure

When V came of age to drink, he and Jungkook went wild and took ARMY along for the ride! He started by asking ARMY if they were sleeping yet…

…then he posted a recap of the whole night! “We had a tasty meal,” he wrote.

“After we were done eating, we went out.”

“In the car.” 

“Arriving [at home] and going up [the stairs].” 

“Arriving at home.” 

“Goodnight. Dream of me, V.”

“Jimin good night to you too.” 

“Kiss kiss.”