11 Times BTS’s Maknae Line And Hyung Line Were Painfully Opposites

#2 shows their differences perfectly.

As many ARMYs already know, BTS‘s hyung line consists of the four oldest members: JinSugaJ-Hope, and RM. Meanwhile, the maknae line consists of the three youngest: JiminV, and Jungkook. Though there is only a few years between their age, sometimes they act completely different! Check out some of the moments below where their funny differences made their designated lines extremely obvious.

1. When a choreography spoiler suddenly appears

Hyung line: Tackle him to the ground

Maknae line: Continue peacefully eating chicken

2. When riding a scary amusement park ride

Hyung line: Screaming for their life

Maknae line: Best moment of their life

3. When at a music award show

Hyung line: Focused and watching the performances

Maknae line: Dance, dance, dance!

4. When introducing a song

Hyung line: Sitting and reacting

Maknae line: Get up and dance

5. When a bug infiltrates the room

Hyung line: Afraid of said bug

Maknae line: Ready to kill the bug

6. While filming a flying yoga lesson

Hyung line: Rest between filming

Maknae line: Do extreme exercises

7. While filming with a trampoline

Hyung line: Standing outside

Maknae line: Jumping like little kids

8. While driving through a puddle

Hyung line: Scream at the top of their lungs

Maknae line: Silence

9. During “off” moments

Hyung line: Standing and watching

Maknae line: Going crazy

10. During an interview

Hyung line: Straight faces

Maknae line: Crazy faces

11. During a break from “Run BTS!”

Hyung line: Go take a rest in bed

Maknae line: Continue to do karaoke