Could You Bring A Friend To BTS’s Dinner Without Telling Them? Here Are The Members’ Hilarious Answers

They are a mood for introverts! 😂

Have you ever been going to dinner with a friend and they bring another person without telling you? If you’re anything like BTS, then you have very strong opinions about this complicated scenario! Check out below to see which members think they should have been informed beforehand and which members are excited to meet a new face.

1. J-Hope

With an explosive reaction, J-Hope wouldn’t be a fan of his friend’s decision!

Feeling a bit betrayed, he describes the experience as “awkward” and “uncomfortable.”

2. V

V would hide his true feelings but would end the night much earlier than he originally planned on leaving.

Since V’s polite, he would try to conceal his inner anger as much as possible!

3. Jin

Jin keeps it simple! He would have a matter of fact reaction and ask about the unexpected friend.

4. RM

Similarly, RM would have the same simple reaction, concealing his anger as much as he can.

5. Jimin

Jimin reveals he would just be confused by the whole situation and ask his friend what he’s doing!

6. Suga

Just like the rest, Suga would feel a bit betrayed that his friend didn’t tell him, but he’s 100% staying for dinner!

7. Jungkook

With a polar opposite reaction from the rest of the members, Jungkook wouldn’t mind getting to know a new face.

His outgoing attitude shows how adaptable he is to any social situation!

Check out what else they revealed below.

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