BTS x McDonald’s: 15+ Of The Funniest Tweets And Memes About The Collaboration

Do you want BTS with that?

McDonald‘s just announced their new “signature order” collaboration with BTS. Now, the memes are rolling in! Check out 15+ of the funniest ones so far.

1. Do you want BTS with that?

2. Move over, milkshakes!

3. No photocards? No customer.

4. You again?

5. So much for “fast” food

6. Every ARMY in the UK right now

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7. So, when did you join the fandom?

8. Tall, blonde, and gorgeous

9. Clown nation, rise!

10. No photocards? No problem.

11. Imagine the chaos…

12. Sir, I –

13. Excuse me?

14. This look

15. Every employee at the beginning of their shift

16. Every employee by the end of their shift:

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