15 UK ARMYs Who Are Not McLovin’ Being Left Out Of McDonald’s BTS Collab

“NOT IN THE UK” is trending.

McDonald‘s upcoming collaboration with BTS will be kicking off in dozens of countries next month…but not in the United Kingdom. McDonald’s UK will, sadly, not be taking part in this promotion.

Shortly after the news broke and memes took over Twitter, UK ARMYs began trending “NOT IN THE UK” to vent. After all, no one wants to be left out of the fun!

1. The suffering

2. Ma’am…

3. Let’s all cry together

4. I (do not) McPurple you

5. Well…at least it has no calories?

6. Finding out you don’t exist like:

7. The admin right now:

8. I’m out!

9. This loyal customer

10. The UK has no “BTS Meal”, but it does have a circus

11. Time to Jim-out

12. #ForeverAlone

13. What would RM say?

14. The injustice!

15. That fork life