Here’s What Each BTS Member Looked Like At 25 Years Old, According To The Korean Age System

Some were babies, and some became so mature!

As the BTS members grow up, they only get more confident and handsome! Check out how each of them looked when they hit the milestone age of 25, according to the Korean age system.

1. Jin

As the oldest member, Jin was the first to hit age 25.

The year brought on his legendary “Fire” look when he shocked ARMYs with his new platinum hair!

Not only was the year vital to BTS’s growth as artists, it was also important for Jin’s personal growth!

2. Suga

The following year, Suga turned 25…

…and his porcelain skin might lead you to believe he’s not a day over 16!

Suga’s mature personality is no match for his youthful looks.

3. J-Hope

In 2018, J-Hope hit age 25 — and he also proved age is nothing but a number!

The handsome cutie impressed netizens with his visuals…

…and left ARMYs with some iconic looks throughout the epic year!

4. RM

As a fellow 94-liner, RM also hit the monumental age the same year.

From the epic looks of “Idol” era…

…to the suits during various award ceremonies, RM showed off his charismatic side.

5. Jimin

In 2019, Jimin showed his boyish good looks are eternal!

Since Jimin shows he pretty much doesn’t age…

…it’s no wonder the singer has “Young Forever” tattooed on him!

6. V

Unlike his fellow member born the same year…

…V showed off his serious and sexy side this year!

Of course, ARMYs will never forget his iconic blue hair during “Boy With Luv” era!

7. Jungkook

Jungkook is currently 25 according to the Korean age system…

…and, boy, does it look good on him!

From purple hair to an eyebrow piercing, Jungkook is always unafraid to try new and bold styles.