These Are The BTS Members’ Most Treasured Possessions

BTS’s members cherish these items the most.

BTS‘s members are now wealthy enough to buy almost anything their hearts desire, but the treasures that mean the most to them are beyond price. These are the items BTS said they cherish the most.


1. J-Hope: The shoes Jimin bought for him as a birthday gift


2. J-Hope: The bag that he particularly likes among all his bags


3. Jimin: The leather jacket that Suga gave to J-Hope. It was too small for J-Hope, so the jacket was passed on to him.


4. Jimin: The polaroids he took with an instant camera during schedules and personal vacation time


5. Suga: The keyboard that he uses in his studio


6. Suga: The case he uses in his studio


7. RM: A fashion item that he likes and believes looks good on him


8. RM: The group photo BTS took after filming for the <3RD MUSTER> VCR. It was taken after BTS’s Chuseok Vlive special that year


9. RM: The figures that J-Hope gave to him for his birthday.


10. V: His precious film camera


11. V: The precious film that goes inside that camera


12. Jin: A game he used to have fun playing every day when he was young. It is a new copy that he bought and wanted to share with fans, even if they aren’t familiar with it.


13. Jin: A cute character figure that comes out in a game he likes


14. Jin: The gift he gave to himself during Bon Voyage 3 in Malta


15. Jungkook: A plain black tee that he often wears


16. Jungkook: The Bluetooth speaker he carries around with him. At the time BTS were asked to list their most cherished items, Jungkook thought the items would be given to ARMY as gifts. He chose the speaker so that ARMY would be able to comfortably listen to music.


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