BTS Members That Have Famous People Hanging Out On Their Family Tree

The apple doesn’t fall far from the fame tree.

Being famous in itself is a big deal — but what about when you have famous family members? That’s an even bigger deal, right? Because, really, what are the odds that your family would have multiple famous people in it? Here are some of the famous people hanging out on BTS‘s family tree!

1. RM

RM’s cousin is professional fighter Seo Ji Yeon. They’re related from her paternal side of the family.

2. J-Hope

J-Hope’s sister is a fashion designer and social influencer. She has her own clothing store, which J-Hope has repped in the past.

Bonus: Jin

There has long been a rumor that Jin’s mom is a former Miss Korea. This has been proven to be untrue, however, it’s pretty cool that he and his mom has such an uncanny resemblance to the former Miss Korea!