BTS RM’s Little Cousin Revealed to Be a Professional MMA Fighter

She also explained why she didn’t tell anyone about her relationship with RM earlier.

Sports Donga recently shared an interview held with a professional fighter named Seo Ji Yeon, and what’s drawing particular attention to the article is her confession that she’s BTS RM‘s little cousin.


During the interview, the 20-year-old mixed martial arts fighter spoke up about her family relations with RM.

BTS’s leader, RM is my cousin. He’s my cousin on my dad’s side, and I always saw him during the holidays. He’s family that I’ve seen ever since I was little, but since he became such a big star, it was hard to approach him first and try to be close.

– Seo Ji Yeon

Seo Ji Yeon also confessed that the reason why she didn’t reveal this fact earlier was that she didn’t want to taint RM’s reputation.

But he still cheered me on telling me to train hard. I purposely didn’t talk about this in fear of insulting BTS fans, but I’m proud that I have a cousin who is famous all around the world. I’ll work hard to live up to the reputation of RM’s cousin and become a great fighter.

– Seo Ji Yeon

In the martial arts world, Seo Ji Yeon is a well-known fighter who began competing only two months after entering the field.


Despite only being 20 years old, Seo Ji Yeon is proving to be a born fighter with a record of 8 wins and 4 losses out of a total of 12 matches.


Source: The Qoo


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