BTS’s Members’ Hands All Deserve Their Own Fandoms, And This Is Undeniable Proof

All of them are so 😍

All of BTS‘s members are pieces of art in their own ways, from their visuals to their fashion to the way they carry themselves. One thing that most fans can agree on, though, is that their hands alone deserve to be recognized for their beauty! There are even many pieces of fanart just of each of the members’ hands that are absolutely stunning.

It has gone so far that their hands have even been measured so that fans know the exact dimensions of them, and can compare them to their own.

With this evidence and more, it doesn’t seem too strange to claim that BTS’s members’ hands all deserve fandoms of their own! Here’s a closer look at each member, and the praise that this part of each of them has received.

1. RM

RM on stage holding a glittery mic is peak beauty.

It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, ARMYs can find a way to swoon over his hands!

There are even whole threads dedicated to them, and who can blame the creators for making them?

2. Jin

Jin’s hands are just so elegant.

When paired with his pink microphone, they’re even more stunning!

He clearly takes such good care of his hands and nails, it’s no wonder they’re so flawless.

3. Suga

Suga definitely knows how to accessorize!

Some have even gone as far to say they could be the source of a new religion 😂

This close-up of his hand should just be illegal…

4. J-Hope

J-Hope’s hands are particularly long, slim, and elegant!

They’re clearly hard-working hands too, as evidenced by these kinds of photos…

They’re just so precious ❤

5. Jimin

Jimin may have the smallest and daintiest hands in BTS…

And they are undeniably adorable!

But they can also look like this too 👀

6. V

V has the largest hands in BTS, and there’s a reason his in particular get a lot of attention.

V’s hands > boyfriends, any day.

There are just so many gorgeous photos of them, fans can’t get enough!

7. Jungkook

Despite his numerous tattoos, Jungkook’s hands can still look very pretty and soft!

But they’re also basically models all on their own.

What’s sweeter than his hands holding Jimin so preciously? 🥺