10+ Times BTS’s Members Injured Themselves Just By Being Themselves

“Just be yourself” has had some unexpected consequences for BTS.

BTS are athletic and coordinated enough to nail some of the toughest choreographies in K-Pop, but sometimes that coordination just doesn’t kick in off-stage. Here are 10+ times when BTS accidentally hurt themselves just by being themselves!


1. Jimin, BTS’s King of Flexibility, kicked himself right out of a chair


2. ‘Bunny Kook’ Jungkook once hit his bunny teeth on his mic


3. That time RM, the God of Destruction, destroyed…himself


4. One time, V hit his finger while singing. As soon as he said the word “okay”, he was suddenly not okay!


5. Worldwide Handsome Jin tripped in the sand while filming himself, but he still managed to keep the camera on his handsome face!


6. Scaredy cat J-Hope smacked his shin off a table during this jump-scare prank


7. Savage Suga got a little taste of his own medicine when he used this toy hammer…but he cooly acted like nothing happened


8. That time RM was just too tall for this world


9. When Jungkook had so much energy that he ended up hitting himself


10. That time V was just having way too much fun on this slide


11. Jimin’s flexibility became his own worst enemy again, during this kicking game


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