Here Is What We Know About All 8 Siblings Of BTS’s Members

All but one member have a single sibling!

BTS is undeniably the most well-known K-Pop group in the world, with the members’ names practically becoming household names for many people. What some fans might not know and be curious about, however, is what their siblings are like! Most of the group’s brothers and sisters tend to stay out of the spotlight, and some are more well-known than others, but we do know at least a little bit about each one. Some members of BTS are very protective of their siblings, and do their best to keep them from getting harassed, which is really admirable! Here’s a look at all 8 siblings of BTS’s members, and what we know about them today from what the idols have shared.

1. Jin

Jin is one of three members of BTS that has an older brother! His name is Kim Seok Jung, and though his exact age isn’t known, the two seem close enough in age to have a loving relationship with each other. Seok Jung seemed to be supportive of Jin pursuing an idol career, and even went to the Wings Tour as a VIP guest!

Seok Jung got married on August 8, 2020, which Jin and other members of BTS’s attended. Jin acted as an MC for the event, which his older brother thanked him for, and Seok Jung also sang for the event with Lee Hyun, proving that musical talent runs in the family.

He’s also on Instagram under the name @kimbutter_daddy, which he reportedly recently changed due to BTS’s song “Butter”!


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2. Suga

Suga is another member of BTS that has an older brother. His name is Min Geum Jae (also known as Min Junki), and he was born in 1989, making him about four years older than Suga. He used to be on Instagram as @goldjay89, but he seems to have deactivated his account, unfortunately!

He actually featured in one of Suga’s tracks on his first mixtape under the solo name Agust D! His voice can be heard in the track “Skit”, as he and Suga have a conversation in a café.

Back in late 2020, Geum Jae shared an adorable picture of himself and Suga when they were little, with Suga in a cute sideways cap that hinted at his future life as a worldwide-famous rapper and artist!

Geum Jae also kept fans updated when Suga was going through shoulder surgery around the same time as well, showing that they must have a close and loving relationship.

3. J-Hope

J-Hope is the only member of BTS that has an older sister! Her name is Jung Dawon, and out of all the siblings of BTS, she is arguably the most well-known. She’s four years older than her brother, but she looks so pretty and youthful, it’s impossible to tell!

Her Instagram account name is @mejiwoo103, where she has over 9 million followers! She’s basically a celebrity in her own right, and has a passion for the fashion industry. She even runs several different companies, including fashion company AJ Look, e-commerce site Mejiwoo, and eyewear brand Fun the Metal! Her social media accounts feature many of her own products, which she models flawlessly.

She’s also a YouTuber, where she has over 30 million total views on all of her videos. And this past March, she actually signed a contract with Cube Entertainment as a YouTuber, and has even worked with K-Pop idols such as (G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi!

She’s an ARMY herself and said that her initial bias in the group was Jungkook, but eventually changed her mind to Jimin instead. She also got married earlier this year on May 5, which her brother and some other members of BTS attended!

4. RM

RM is one of two members of BTS that has a younger sister! Her name is Kim Kyung Min, and she was born in 1997, making her about three years younger than RM. Though little is known about her, the BTS leader did once admit that of all the members of the group, he’d most want to introduce his sister to Jimin!

Though RM is fiercely protective of Kyung Min’s identity, he did once share a text message conversation that the two of them had when his sister excitedly told him about how well she did on an English exam, and he praised her for it! It’s clear that these two love each other dearly.

5. Jimin

Jimin is one of two members of the group that has a younger brother. His name is Park Ji Hyun, and like some other siblings of BTS’s members, there isn’t a lot known about him. He did once, however, show up in the background of a vlog that Jimin filmed in Busan!

He has also shared some stories about the two of them when they were younger, including when he “playfully” slapped Ji Hyun and got in trouble for it, as well as his encouragement for his younger sibling to prepare for his future, which he later regretted due to the pressure he felt it might have put on Ji Hyun. Overall, however, they definitely seem like a cute and close pair of brothers!

Jimin’s brother Ji Hyun (left) and Jimin (right)

6. V

V is the only member of BTS that has two siblings: A younger sister, named Kim Eun Jin, and a younger brother, named Kim Jong Gyu. V hasn’t spoken about either of them on very many occasions, but when he has, it’s clear that he misses his siblings due to how emotional he gets talking about them.

7. Jungkook

Finally, Jungkook is the third member that has an older brother! His name is Jeon Jung Hyun, and while his age is unknown, one thing that fans do know about him is that he’s a talented artist! He used to share his work on his Instagram account before he deactivated it.

Based on the sense of humor in some of his drawings, he’s clearly a funny guy, too!

He has also done animations of the group as well.

Though there aren’t any public photos of what he looks like, the siblings did take a series of facing away photos during a family trip that he shared on Instagram.

Like the rest of BTS’s members, it seems like these two definitely have a playful and close relationship as siblings!