Fans Bring Back This Old Text Conversation Between BTS’s RM And His Younger Sister

You’ll relate if you have a sibling.

BTS‘s RM has a younger sister, and he is fiercely protective of her identity. Not much other than her name and age has been revealed. Born in 1997, Kim Kyeong Min is RM’s sister who he keeps under wraps. However, he once revealed a hilariously realistic text conversation he had with Kyeong Min.

He had her saved as “sister” in his contacts. Relatable — many other idols have revealed saving their siblings under things such as “blood ties” or “mom’s son” before.

She had just finished her exams at that point in time and came to RM to brag about her good results.

Lulu lulu~~~ I got first tier for English!!!! I’m oppa’s sister that you can be proud of. You can brag about me now.

— Kyeong Min

| @BTS_twt/Twitter via pann

RM had, of course, praised her for her hard work.

Oh, yah, how did that happen? I’m proud of you. It was worth calling you yesterday. Guess you’re pretty for the first time in a while?

— RM

Kyeong Min chicly replied with a thank you.

The hilarious thing was that RM swiftly deleted the text conversation after a while. In a tweet, he explained that he had erased it just in case Kyeong Min received a negative image.

I will erase it, just in case, for my sister’s image. All the test takers, you’ve worked hard. It’s cold out so be sure to dress warm.

— RM

| @BTS_twt/Twitter via pann

Looks like brains run in the family! Not only does RM have a smart younger sister, but he also has a talented cousin, Seo Ji Yeon, who’s known as an MMA fighter.

Source: pann