10+ Times BTS’s Members Weren’t In The Mood To Be Touchy-Feely

No hugs, kisses, snuggles, or cuddles for them.

BTS‘s members love giving and receiving affection from each other…except when they don’t. Here are 10+ hilarious times when they were absolutely not in the mood to be touchy-feely!


1. That time Suga refused to hug V

Usually, Suga lets the maknae line do whatever they want, but this time he refused.


When V tried to hug him, Suga pushed and swiped until it looked like V had given up.


After all this fighting…


V sneaked a back hug instead!


2. When Jungkook escaped RM’s aggressive cuddling

While on a trip, Jungkook decided to sleep in RM‘s bed, but quickly changed his mind…


…after getting smothered with love. This may have been RM’s genius plan to get the bed all to himself!


3. When J-Hope insisted on getting a piggyback

J-Hope didn’t feel like walking anymore, but RM wasn’t about to carry him K-Drama style.

4. When Jungkook sent Jimin flying

Back in their rookie days, Jungkook ended this “love relationship” by shoving poor Jimin into a wall!


5. When RM and Jin looked like they’d rather die than kiss

This was supposed to be Jin‘s penalty, but RM felt just as punished by it!


6. When V didn’t want Jungkook’s pity hug

At a fan event, Jungkook made V (fake?) cry by tapping his neck with a fan.


When Jungkook tried to hug him, V shoved him away and hugged Jin instead.


Eventually, V accepted Jungkook’s apology!


7. When Jungkook was one hug away from punching Jin

At a photo shoot, Jin clung to Jungkook like a (very handsome) leech until Jungkook finally peeled him off!


8. When this wet kitty didn’t want Jimin’s love

This is what happens when you put Lil Meow Meow in water!


9. When Jimin wouldn’t cuddle with V because his breath was bad

During a broadcast, V was feeling snuggly. Jimin was not. He told V his breath stank, so V…


…used an air purifier to cleanse it!


RM was unfazed by all this, as usual.


10. When J-Hope traded a handshake for air kisses and Jimin just wasn’t feeling it

Mail carrier Jimin wasn’t expecting this “thank you”!


11. When V squeezed Jin like a lemon

Jin sacrificed his lungs for the sake of this mission!