BTS Suga’s Reaction To V’s Hugs Is Making Everybody Feel Soft

V was determined to love Suga, whether Suga wanted to be loved or not.

When V’s determined to give his love, no one can resist it, not even Suga…but that doesn’t mean he won’t try!


ARMY‘s Lil Meow Meow is a true kitty at heart. Suga loves to sleep, he’s cute yet savage, and he’s picky about when he gives and receives affection. It’s either ‘cuddle me when I feel like it’ or GTFO. Even so, Suga has a soft spot for his members, specifically the maknae line.


He lets them get away with just about everything these days, even picking him up on stage! This priceless moment happened at BTS’s 2-day 5th Muster event in Busan.


While the rest of BTS hugged it out, V took it a step further by lifting Suga into the air…


…and just holding him there!


Suga let V get away with this hug, but he wasn’t so keen on another one. When V saw the sweet hug RM and Jungkook shared, he tried to do the same thing with Suga.


Lil Meow Meow was not having it. He pushed and swiped at V until it looked like V had given up.


Of course, V hadn’t actually given up. When Suga wasn’t looking, V went in a for a back hug instead!


After all that fighting…


Suga just gave in…


…and let himself be loved.




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