BTS Members Once Revealed Their Honest Feelings About Jimin…And It’ll Have ARMYs Close To Tears

The members have high praise for Jimin!

The BTS members have expressed and shown their love to Jimin on many occasions.

During an interview, the members shared their honest feelings about Jimin, and it was quite touching.

1. Jin

Something that Jin finds amazing about Jimin is his ability to give off multiple kinds of vibes

2. Suga

Suga has high praise for Jimin, as he believes that there are very few people who have a vocal tone like his.

3. J-Hope

Despite being Jimin being younger than J-Hope, there are moments when J-Hope feels that he learns from Jimin.

4. RM

Something that RM admires about Jimin is how insanely hard he works.

Jimin has the drive to prove that he’s equal to world stars, which RM finds admirable.

5. V

Jimin has always been supportive of V, especially when he’s going through some stressful moments.

Jimin has helped V quite a lot throughout the years, which he appreciates greatly.

6. Jungkook

When Jungkook first met Jimin, he was amazed by his insane work ethic.

Jungkook still finds it amazing how Jimin was able to fight through all the hardships in his life.

Here is the full video below!