4 Times BTS Members Reacted To Their Look-Alikes

“Oh, the illustration and real person are both handsome, as expected.”

There have been many moments where fans noticed look-alikes of the BTS members. Sometimes, the members respond to these comparisons. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. V’s funny reaction to Filipino actor Ruru Madrid

On Twitter, Filipino actor Ruru Madrid posted a photo of himself in all-black, wearing a mask and sunglasses.

Some fans said that with the posture and fashion, he looked similar to V!


V soon saw the photo and left a funny comment on Weverse!

hahahahhaha Ah, seeing things like this makes me wonder if I should give up on working out…hahhaha

— V

| Weverse

Ruru Madrid responded to V by sending “warm regards” to BTS and their fans.

2. Jin reacting to his webtoon look-alike

Fans have compared Jin’s visuals to Suho from the webtoon True Beauty.

BTS’s Jin
Suho | True Beauty/Webtoon

On Weverse, a fan shared a photo of Jin with Suho, showing how much they look alike.

| Weverse

Jin saw this photo and replied with, “Oh, the illustration and real person are both handsome, as expected.”

| Weverse

J-Hope also saw the photo, and he wrote, “A picture-like person.”

| Weverse

3. Jimin’s playful reaction when people say he and Ha Sungwoon look alike

Jimin and Ha Sungwoon are good friends, and people have said that they look alike!

BTS’s Jimin (Left) & Ha Sungwoon (Right)

In an episode of Happy Together, Ha Sungwoon shared that people constantly mention how he and Jimin look alike.

When Ha Sungwoon tells Jimin this, Jimin has a playful reaction, as he tells Ha Sungwoon, “Why would they when I’m more handsome?” This blunt answer caused lots of laughter!

Ha Sungwoon and Jimin always poke fun at each other and make jokes like this!

He thinks he’s better. We always joke about it.

— Ha Sungwoon

4. Suga on his similarities to cats

Over the years, many fans have pointed out similarities between Suga and cats!

In an interview, Suga was asked about his similarities to cats, and he shared that he’s well aware of them. He also shared that he believes that people think they’re alike since they share many characteristics, such as not wanting to be bothered.