These Are Each BTS Member’s Favorite Songs From “Map Of The Soul: 7”

Do you have the same favorite as your bias?

Every track from Map of the Soul: 7 is worthy of the #1 spot on your favorites list, but these are the songs the BTS members themselves like the most.

RM’s favorite song

RM’s favorite track from Map of the Soul: 7 is the vocal line unit song “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”. The song is based on how a new day begins at midnight, resetting all the drudgery that happened the previous day. It’s sweet to know that the song’s chorus line (“and you’re going to be happy”) probably touched RM as much as it touched ARMYs’ hearts.

Jin’s favorite song

Jin took BTS’s advice to “love yourself” and chose his solo track, “Moon”, as his favorite from the album. He carried off the new sound amazingly, so it’s no surprise he’s proud of himself. Plus, who wouldn’t love the touching lyrics about his love for ARMYs?

Suga & V’s favorite song

Suga and V share the same favorite track: “UGH!”. This intense rap song features Suga himself along with the rest of the rap line, so it’s no surprise he likes it. Plus, the song’s message of going full-force against rage and hate must definitely empower the BTS members.

J-Hope’s favorite song

For J-Hope, the standout track from Map of the Soul: 7 is “Friends”, Jimin and V’s duo song. This adorable song about the pair’s friendship and experiences together was one ARMYs were definitely excited for, and it seems J-Hope felt exactly the same way.

Jimin’s favorite song

Filled with powerful brass and percussion, title track “ON” is the song Jimin loves the most. Whether it’s the strong lyrics, marching band-like instrumental, awesome choreo or cool music video he loves the most, we think he made a great choice.

Jungkook’s favorite song

Like Jin, Jungkook also chose his solo song as his favorite track. “My Time” was written and composed by Jungkook, chronicling the emotions he’s felt while growing up as part of BTS. This song must be very close to his heart, so it’s great that he loves the finished product so much.

Source: Variety