8 Times BTS’s Members Protected Each Other From Danger

When they sensed danger, they jumped into action.

JinSugaRMJ-HopeJiminV, and Jungkook aren’t just members of the same group. They’re best friends who look after each other and keep each other safe. Here are 8 times BTS protected each other from stage accidents and other dangerous situations.


1. When Jungkook lost control of his segway and Jimin stopped him from flying off the stage


2. When J-Hope noticed Jimin walking dangerously close to these pyrotechnics and pulled him out of the way


3. When Jin held an exhausted V up to prevent him from falling


4. When Jungkook became a bodyguard for V and Jimin at the airport

5. RM braced V’s knee to keep him from collapsing from exhaustion

6. When Jin went wild while piggybacking V and J-Hope made sure neither of them wiped out


7. When V protected Jin (and Jin’s handsome face) at this insanely crowded airport


8. When Jimin held Jungkook back from traffic in Los Angeles